KPL Frequently Asked Questions


  • What is the Kentucky Premier League (KPL)? The KPL will provide the best possible playing environment between the highest level teams throughout Kentucky. The league will increase the opportunities for the education and development of players, coaches, referees and spectators, while providing increased exposure for clubs, teams and players across the Bluegrass.


  • How will KPL games effect State Open Cup participation and seeding? KPL results will not be used directly in the determination of open cup participation/seeding. However, in the future, KPL staff may determine to use the results in a more determinative manner.


  • What are the age groups of the KPL? Each age group from 11U to 19U will have a division one (1) both the boys’ and girls’ side if applications allow.


  • What are the season dates for the KPL?  11U-14U Divisions will begin play in August and should conclude their required scheduled games by June 15 of the following year. 15U through 19U Divisions will begin play in November and should conclude their required scheduled games by June 15 of the following year.


  •  When will teams be eligible to apply for acceptance into the KPL? KPL registration will open in June  via the KYSA-provided online registration system. Registration will close about two weeks later for 11U-14U Divisions. 15U-19U team applications will open in June and close about two months later.


  • What is the league fee to join KPL?  Each team will pay $400/season to enter the KPL. The fee will be collected during the registration process and returned to all teams that do not meet application requirements for inclusions in the KPL.  Additionally, there are referee fees that teams are responsible to pay.  Click here for a breakdown of the 2019-20 referee fees.


  • When will teams be notified of acceptance into KPL?The Technical Committee, KPL Commissioner and Director of Competition will review all applications and begin notify teams of acceptance beginning in July.
  •  Will GLC teams be required to play in the KPL? Yes, unless the teams participate in the US Youth Soccer National League.


  • How will games be scheduled? Teams will be required to schedule game themselves. The KPL will host a scheduling meeting to inform teams/clubs of blocked-out dates and mandatory play dates along with provide information on best scheduling practices.
  • How many games will be played in the KPL season? Teams are guaranteed a minimum of six (5) games and maximum number of games will be determined on number of teams accepted into the KPL Division.


  • How many divisions will there be in the KPL? The KPL will host as many as two (2) divisions per age group determine by the number of applicants. Generally, there will be two (2) divisions in the 14U and below age groups and only on (1) in the 15U and above age groups.


  • Will there be refunds provided if, due to COVID-19, the KPL is unable to have a league under government regulations? If no games are able to be completed during the fall of 2020, the KPL and KY Youth Soccer will determine appropriate refunds for all registration fees.


  • How do I contact the KPL Office with any questions?  Call the KYSA Office at 859-268-1254 or e-mail at stevenmurry@kysoccer.net.