KPL Technical Committee


The Technical Committee of the KPL represents the different age groups, genders and geographical locations of all Kentucky clubs.  The Committee's major roles are to provide informed input on the composition of the KPL, review and recommend teams for participation and division placement in the KPL, and to assist in the oversight of the KPL Rules & Regulations. 

The Technical Committee is formed of the KPL Commissioner, the KPL Director of Competition, the KYSA Director of Coaching, and a panel of Club Representatives.  Each member serves one-year, renewable terms.  

The Technical Committee currently consists of the following: 

KPL Commissioner - Kris Zander
KPL Director - Steven Murry
KYSA DOC - Adrian Parrish 
Club Representatives: Evan Sutherland, Rob Illif, Craig Jones, Jeremy Anderson, Derek Willis, Wil Cagle